• Cooling System: Liquid Cooled
  • Cylinders: 3
  • Engine: 847
  • Engine Class: Fuel Injected
  • Exterior Colour: BLUE
  • Transmission: 6 Speed
  • Stock #: 1497
  • Comments: KEY FEATURES 847 cc, inline three-cylinder "CP3" engine specially developed for the NIKEN platform with lots of torque and character Leaning Multi-Wheel (LMW) technology Ackerman steering system Twin 15-inch front wheels w/double inverted forks.. MSRP $20999.99 + FREIGHT $305 + PDI $200 = $21504.99+ HST 13% PLUS LICENSE. Aggressive, mass-forward profile and bold design Quickshifter for clutchless upshifts Standard ABS semi-soft side cases Heated Grips Cruise Control Compression and rebound adjustable front suspension Rebound and preload adjustable rear shock Convenient centre stand ENGINE Slim, compact, 847 cc, DOHC, 4-valve, liquid-cooled inline-three cylinder engine. The engine has been tuned to provide plenty of low and mid-range torque with strong yet linear throttle response. Engine meets or exceeds strict EU-4 regulations 4-valve, downdraft-style combustion chamber maximizes flow into and out of combustion chamber 31 mm intake and 25 mm exhaust valves Stainless steel valves feature an Isonite surface treatment and carburized tips for excellent durability and wear resistance 120-degree crankshaft with "even" 240-degree firing order. Design reduces inertial torque while emphasizing linear torque in response to the rider's throttle action Design has been optimized to achieve strong torque over a broad rpm range Fast, linear throttle response Engine design allows a whole new level of rider/machine communication Valve adjustment intervals are every 42,000 kms. Lightweight "coupling force balancer" reduces engine vibration. Fracture-split connecting rods feature a nutless design. Lower end "cap" of the rod is made from the same piece of material as the upper portion; the 2 pieces are "split" apart using a special fracturing process and then machinedusing a special fracturing process and then machined Design aids in establishing true big end roundness and greater precision in con rod dimensions for excellent durability despite the high horsepower loads Lightweight, forged, aluminum short skirt pistons. Design aids in fast engine response Reduces mechanical vibration Excellent durability Direct ceramic composite-plated cylinder uses liner-less bores. Ceramic coating sprayed directly on the aluminum block, eliminating the liner and reducing weight Excellent heat dissipation for consistent power delivery Coating enhances the thin film of oil between the cylinder and piston, reducing friction and increasing power Offset cylinder design Cylinder is "offset" relative to the crank (toward exhaust side) Reduces frictional losses between the pistons and cylinder wall during the power stroke for improved power output One-piece cylinder and upper crankcase assembly Superior engine and chassis rigidity (engine is a stressed member) Reduces weight Lightweight hollow camshafts. Cam profiles are designed for excellent torque in the low-and mid-rpm range Crankcases feature a "Tri-Axis" layout for the crank, main and drive axles. Creates a more compact and shorter engine front to back Shorter engine allows for optimum engine placement in the "sweet spot" of frame for desired weight distribution and great handling Closed-loop 41 mm Mikuni throttle body fuel injection system. System uses throttle position sensor (TPS) and acceleration position sensor (APS) Injectors feature 12 holes and 20-degree spray pattern Injectors spray fuel directly at the intake valve "Closed-loop" system uses an oxygen sensor to "sniff" spent exhaust and automatically adjust the fuel / air ratio for reduced emissions Fuel injection benefits include choke-free starting, steady idling during warm up, excellent fuel economy and reduced emissions Yamaha Chip Control Throttle (YCC-T). YCC-T electronically controls throttle valves for outstanding throttle response and controllability YCC-T system provides precise control of intake air volume for a smoother torque curve ECU that controls YCC-T is capable of responding to changes at a speed of 1/1000th of a second Yamaha D-Mode (3 modes available) Enables the rider to adjust the performance characteristics of the engine based on riding preferences or riding conditions Standard mode emphasizes very linear throttle and torque feel of the engine A mode allows the rider to enjoy even sportier engine performance in the low-to-mid rpms B mode softens throttle response for riding situations that require softer power characteristics, such as slippery or wet conditions D-mode button is conveniently located on the right handle bar switch gear Traction control system with (2 modes plus off). Mode 1 provides mid-level intervention (allows some wheel spin) Mode 2 provides maximum intervention (no wheel spin) Works in conjunction with the YCC-T system (utilizing same wheel sensors as ABS system) System senses when the rear wheel begins to spin and modifies the YCC-T function, ignition timing and fuel injection volume to reduce power and eliminate wheel spin Status indicator / warning light in meter assembly Cruise control Operates in 4th through 6th gears and between 50 km/h and 160 km/h New electronic control unit (ECU) utilizes a powerful 32-bit processor for fast control of the injection, engine management and ignition processes. Air box features dual resonator chambers and unequal internal intake funnel lengths for all 3 cylinders. Benefit is a wide torque curve and exciting intake sound that accentuates the exhaust note Viscous paper-type air filter is used Compact 6-speed transmission. Gear ratios are optimized to accentuate the torque and throttle response of the engine Compact, slipper(back-limiter) clutch with assist. Slipper clutch reduces the negative effects of engine braking on handling and suspension Reduces rear wheel hop/ chatter when decelerating for improved riding performance and smoother corner entries Assist function reduces clutch lever effort by up to 20% Quick Shift System (QSS) Quickshifter allows for smooth, clutchless upshifts System operates at 50 km/h and above at 4000 rpm or higher, and only when accelerating Stylish, compact, low mounted, 3-into-1 exhaust system Stainless steel header pipes with special "Nano-film" coating Triple-expansion-type muffler is a triple expansion type with a 3-way honeycomb catalyzer to reduce emissions Low mounted design centralizes mass for excellent handling and light weight feeling Flat-design radiator provides maximum cooling efficiency. Radiator guard is designed to improve cooling efficiency while protecting the radiator from road debris Liquid-cooled oil cooler maintains stable lubricant temperatures for extended engine life. Convenient spin-on type oil filter and easy access drain plug for fast oil changes. Convenient oil level sight glass. Maintenance-free transistor controlled ignition (TCI). Produces a strong spark for fast starts Provides precise ignition timing / mapping for optimum engine performance at all rpms Air Injection System (AIS-not ram air) injects fresh air into exhaust ports to fully burn any unburnt fuel, further reducing exhaust emissions. CHASSIS / SUSPENSION Hybrid frame design. Frame uses steel castings and tubes with aluminum swingarm pivot area and rear frame Each individual part uses varying construction methods and materials Engineered for balanced rigidity and steering response Light weight aluminum rear frame Key chassis geometry figures include: 1,510 mm (59.4 in) wheelbase, 20 degrees of rake and 74 mm of trail Front/rear weight distribution is nearly 50/50 with a single rider Lean angle is 45 degrees, highlighting the sporty nature of the NIKEN GT Die-cast aluminum rear swingarm. Torsional rigidity is 1.5 times stronger than the MT-09's swingarm Lightweight design reduces unsprung weight for superior suspension performance Excellent rear wheel traction and control Class-defining Leaning Multi-Wheel (LMW) steering system Designed to provide unparalleled rider confidence no matter the road condition Two front wheels lean in unison for twice the tire to road contact patch Parallelogram link arm structure allows for deep lean angles up to 45 degrees Adjustable compression and rebound damping KYB fork uses 43/41 mm main/guide fork tubes with 109 mm (4.3 in) of travel Adjustable KYB link Monocross rear suspension with 124 mm (4.9 in.) of wheel travel. Rear shock adjustable for rebound damping and spring preload Shock mounted below the seat, almost horizontally Tool-free remote rebound adjuster simplifies adjustment ABS-equipped, dual 298 mm floating front discs squeezed by radial-mount, monoblock, 4-piston Advics calipers. Radial-mount design helps to reduce caliper distortion for improved braking performance Excellent stopping power and control with good lever feedback ABS helps prevent wheel lockup during hard braking or slippery conditions ABS-equipped, 282 mm rear disc is squeezed by a lightweight single-piston, slide-type Nissin caliper. ABS (anti-lock braking system). When ABS system senses impending wheel lock-up (via active type wheel sensors), it regulates hydraulic pressure to the point just before the wheel(s) lock-up ABS provides excellent control under hard braking and when braking on wet, slippery or loose surfaces Design reduces weight and centralizes mass 15-inch alloy front wheels and 17-inch rear wheel LMW-specific 15-inch front wheels feature specially-designed tires with sportbike-style profile and construction 17x6-inch rear wheel accommodates 190-series rear tire 25-litre semi-soft saddlebags. ABS plastic offers incredibly light weight Compact and easy to handle Quick release mounts Heated hand grips Heat level adjustable via left-side switchgear Heat level displayed on instrument screen Wide handlebar designed to work optimally with LMW setup. Lightweight design with excellent strength Design results in a comfortable, upright riding position for all-day riding comfort 18.5-litre alulminum fuel tank. Smooth shape with concave surfaces Created in the same manner as R1 & R6 Low fuel light illuminates with 4 litres remaining Separate rider and passenger comfort seats. A generous amount of seat foam provides comfort for long distance riding Rear carrier rack with integrated passenger grips. Passenger grab rails offer comfort and robustness for extra peace of mind. Top case mount can be attached to carrier rack LCD multi-function display. Full array of conventional data Grip heater indicator, quick shift indicator, shift light, ECO light and more All functions are controlled by buttons on the switchgears Switchgear clusters based on FJR1300. Left-hand functions include cruise control, traction control, menu selector Right-hand functions include riding modes Two 12-volt DC outlets for ultimate convenience. High windscreen minimizes wind turbulence and aids weather protection. Four-pot LED headlights and LED tail light. LED turn signals integrated into mirrors. Centre stand. Standard stand for convenient maintenance and parking DETAILS Lightweight forged aluminum footrests, shifter and rear brake pedal Excessive lean angle engine cut-out switch (if unit is on its side the engine will shut down) Durable O-ring drive chain Low-maintenance sealed battery (battery should be charged during winter storage) Yamaha diagnostic tool connector NOTE: The NIKEN GT offers a significant level of power and performance. 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