2018 YAMAHA Star Eluder =SOLD=SOLD=


  • Cooling System: Air Cooled
  • Cylinders: 2
  • Engine: 1864CC
  • Engine Class: Fuel Injected
  • Exterior Colour: Metallic Black
  • Transmission: 6 Speed
  • Stock #: 1364
  • Comments: ==SOLD TO SOME VERY NICE CUSTOMERS=SAVE $2211==NOW $24888.99 INCLUDING $2000 REBATE.==MRSP $27099.99
    Our Price, includes Freight: FREE, Uncrating: FREE, Assembly: FREE, Pre Delivery Inspection: FREE, Yamaha Registration, Yamaha warranty FREE, OMVIC Fee,: FREE , Gas: FREE. License and HST are extra..
    Bike includes 1 year warranty with an option to add up to another 4 years
    1854cc (113 cubic inch) air-cooled, long-stroke, OHV, 4 -valves per cylinder, 48°, V-twin with EFI
    6-speed transmission with over drive 5th & 6th gears & heavy duty hydraulic assist & slipper clutch
    Cable-less Yamaha Chip Control Throttle (YCC-T)
    Yamaha's D-Mode variable throttle control system & traction control
    Yamaha's electronic cruise control system
    ABS & UBS equipped brakes
    Yamaha's Smart Key system
    7 infotainment system (additional expense for selected Infotainment features)
    Stylish frame-mounted fairing with LED headlights & shorty bagger style windshield
    Over 70 litres of storage capacity
    Super comfortable, heated, 1 piece rider & passenger seat (10 levels of heat settings available)
    25 litre fuel tank
    5 Year Warranty Coverage (One year limited factory warranty + Four years Yamaha Protection Plus (YPP). Certain exclusions apply, see terms of each for details.)
    High-performance, 1,854cc (113 cubic inch) air-cooled, long-stroke, OHV, 4 -valves per cylinder, 48°, V-twin.
    engine produces massive torque & strong acceleration from very low rpms
    max torque @ 2,500 rpm & max power @ 4,500 rpm
    Electric starting.
    auto decompressor system for fast, sure starts
    OHV, 4-valve pent roof cylinder heads with 9.5:1 compression ratio.
    4-valve design optimizes breathing efficiency & overall engine performance at all rpms
    two spark plugs per cylinder means faster, more complete combustion for maximum power
    special oil passage near exhaust valve seats improves cooling & durability
    Twin, crankcase-mounted, cams with hydraulic valve lifters & traditional push rod valve actuation.
    cam profiles & timing provide strong torque & acceleration across the entire rpm range
    hydraulic valve lifters reduce mechanical engine noise & maintenance
    design ensures more uniform heat dissipation due to absence of cam chain case
    reduces engine height for a lower centre of gravity for light, easy handling
    Dual chamber crankcase design.
    front section for the crank assembly; rear section for the transmission
    dual 3-rotor high capacity oil pumps optimizes oil flow in the two main sections of the engine
    Single pin style crankshaft.
    design accentuates V-twin engine character & sound
    optimized flywheel mass allows the rider to feel the directness of the engine's power
    Crankshaft damper assembly.
    absorbs fluctuations in drive torque, optimizing the V-twin pulse feeling
    helps provide a smooth, pleasant feeling when riding at slower speeds in a higher gear
    Engine balancer.
    reduces engine vibration for a smooth, comfortable ride
    Lightweight, forged aluminum pistons with alumite coating.
    less reciprocating mass (light weight design) means faster engine response & reduced mechanical vibration
    alumite coating reduces friction
    special ring & ring land design for excellent durability
    special oil jet nozzles spray oil at underside of pistons to reduce piston & rod temperatures
    100 mm ceramic composite-plated cylinder bores.
    excellent heat dissipation for consistent power delivery
    ceramic coating enhances the thin film of oil between the cylinder & piston, reducing friction & increasing power
    Cylinder cooling fin thickness & depth is optimized.
    excellent heat dissipation (eliminates the need & complexity of liquid cooling)
    classic air-cooled V-twin engine styling
    each cooling fin is specially machined to create a styling highlight
    Dry sump oil lubrication system.
    oil tank is integrated into left side of rear sub frame to reduce weight
    dry sump system reduces engine height (no deep oil pan), which lowers the centre of gravity for great handling & a light, agile feel
    easy access, spin-on type oil filter for faster oil changes
    Air-cooled, oil cooler.
    maintains stable oil temperatures for optimum lubrication & extended engine life
    Closed loop, single body, 55 mm Mikuni throttle body fuel injection.
    system uses a single throttle body with a throttle position sensor (TPS) to help optimize intake air flow
    12-hole injector maximizes fuel atomization & features a dual spray pattern for more complete combustion chamber filling
    closed loop system uses dual oxygen sensors to sniff spent exhaust gases & automatically adjust the fuel / air ratio for reduced emissions
    oxygen sensors are located before the mufflers, so the use of aftermarket slip-on mufflers will not affect the system
    fuel injection benefits include choke-free starting, steady idling during warm up, excellent throttle response & fuel economy & reduced emissions
    Large capacity air box.
    air box intake duct is located inside the right side middle fairing for a good flow of fresh, cool air
    high capacity, viscous type paper air filter
    Cable-less Yamaha Chip Control Throttle (YCC-T) system
    YCC-T electronically controls the throttle valve for outstanding throttle response, controllability & a smoother torque curve
    YCC-T features D.C. motor driven throttle valve for precise control of intake air volume
    this generation YCC-T system is a cable-less design (no throttle cables, pulleys etc.)
    ECU that controls YCC-T is capable of responding to changes at a speed of 1000th of a second
    Yamaha D-Mode variable throttle control (2 modes available).
    enables the rider to adjust the performance characteristics of the engine based on riding preferences or riding conditions
    S-Mode allows the rider to enjoy full engine performance & power
    T-Mode slows throttle response for situations that require softer power characteristics, such as slippery or wet conditions.
    T-Mode is also well suited for more relaxed touring & reduces fuel consumption
    Traction control system.
    utilizes front & rear wheel sensors (same sensors as ABS system)
    system senses when the rear wheel begins to spin & modifies the YCC-T function, ignition timing & fuel injection to reduce power & eliminate wheel spin
    traction control helps maintain traction when accelerating on slippery surfaces
    system is automatically engaged when the ignition is on... can be turned off if desired
    Electronic cruise control system.
    settable range is from 50 to 160 km/hr. & transmission must be in 3rd gear or higher
    cruise control can be cancelled by activating front or rear brakes, pulling in the clutch, completely closing the throttle grip or using the system setting buttons (left hand handlebar switch gear)
    Smooth-shifting, 6-speed transmission.
    optimized ratios take advantage of the engine's massive torque for strong acceleration & less shifting
    low 1st gear makes pulling away from a stop easy, while 5th & 6th gears are overdrive gears for reduced engine rpms at highway speeds
    engine spins at approximately 2,750 rpm in 6th gear at 120 km/hr.
    Heavy duty, hydraulic assist & slipper clutch.
    assist function reduces clutch lever pull by 20%
    back torque limiter a.k.a slipper clutch reduces the effects of engine braking when downshifting or decelerating
    low maintenance, self-adjusting hydraulic master cylinder provides smooth clutch lever operation
    Low maintenance, belt drive final drive.
    cleaner & quieter than chain drive with no messy chain splatter
    more efficient than shaft drive due to minimal power losses
    significantly reduces maintenance vs chain or shaft... no regular adjustments or lubrication required
    belt is embedded with carbon fiber cords for incredible strength & durability
    State-of-the-art electronic control unit (ECU).
    ensures precisely metered fuel delivery
    optimal ignition spark control using 3D mapping for each cylinder
    Maintenance-free transistor controlled ignition (TCI).
    produces a strong spark for fast starts
    provides precise ignition timing / mapping for optimum engine performance at all rpms
    High-performance, 2-into-2 exhaust system provides a crisp, powerful exhaust note.
    large diameter header pipes & dual mufflers provide optimum flow & help to boost torque & power
    oxygen sensors are located in the header pipes ahead of the mufflers
    dual 3-way honeycomb catalyzers reduce exhaust emissions
    distinct & different exhaust notes at low & high rpms (exhaust note changes as rpms increase)
    heat shields on header pipes protect rider & passenger from hot components
    Air injection system.
    injects fresh air into exhaust ports to fully burn any unburnt or partially burnt fuel
    reduces exhaust emissions
    Special air cut valve reduces backfiring when decelerating or coasting off throttle.
    Dual alternating current magnetos (ACM).
    produce up to 750 watts of power
    High-rigidity, double cradle, frame with detachable sub frame.
    design balances strength, rigidity & tuned flex for excellent handling & stability
    4-point rubber engine mounting system reduces vibration
    detachable, aluminum rear sub frame features an integrated dry sump oil tank
    Heavy duty steel swing arm.
    optimized rigidity balance for excellent stability, handling & rear wheel traction
    Low centre of gravity & low seat height for easy maneuverability.
    engineers have focused on lowering the centre of gravity to give the unit a light handling feel
    low seat height 700 mm (27.6) combines with the low centre of gravity to make the Star Eluder surprisingly easy to pick the unit up off the side stand & to move
    Key chassis geometry: 31 degree caster angle, 145 mm (5.7) of trail, 1710 mm (67.3) wheelbase.
    Conventional 46 mm KYB front fork provides 130mm (5.1) of wheel travel.
    exceptionally stable handling & great ride comfort
    chip protectors help prevent stone chips in the tubes for extended fork seal life
    Adjustable link-type, single shock rear suspension with 110 mm (4.3) of rear wheel travel.
    single shock suspension not only reduces weight, but delivers outstanding ride comfort
    KYB shock is horizontally positioned under the engine lowering the centre of gravity & centralizing mass for agile handling with a light feel
    remote hydraulic spring preload adjuster (located under the quick remove right side cover)
    Front & rear brakes feature Yamaha's latest anti-lock brake (ABS) & variable unified brake (UBS) technology.
    ABS braking offers excellent control under hard braking or braking on wet or slippery surfaces
    controlling ECU & hydraulic unit are combined into a single compact unit allowing for mass centralization & reduced weight
    when ABS system senses impending wheel lock-up (via active type wheel sensors) it regulates the hydraulic brake pressure to the point just before the wheel(s) lock-up
    UBS system unifies or links the front & rear brakes when brakes are applied. System automatically adjusts the amount of unified braking force.
    front brake application will engage the UBS & apply varying degrees of rear brake force depending on how hard the brake has been applied
    rear brake application will engage the UBS & apply varying degrees of front brake force depending on how hard the brake has been applied
    unified brakes may reduce stopping distance by accurately balancing front & rear brake pressures
    Dual 298 mm front discs squeezed by 4-piston monoblock calipers, ABS & UBS equipped.
    excellent braking performance with good feedback to the rider
    320 mm rear disc brake with twin piston slide-type caliper, ABS & UBS equipped.
    caliper is mounted on the underside of the swingarm to reduce torque action for superior suspension performance
    Stylish frame-mounted full coverage fairing with LED headlights & shorty windshield.
    offers dynamic styling as well as good storage and wind & weather protection
    Quad LED main headlights. On low beam, the inner 2 LEDs act as headlights while the outer 2- LEDs function as position lights; on high beam all 4 - LEDS function as headlights
    dual storage compartments in upper fairing plus mid fairing storage compartment
    adjustable mirrors with integrated LED turn signals
    fairing mounted 12 volt DC outlet produces 5 amps / 60 watts of power
    mid fairing air ducts provide fresh intake air for the engine & cools various electrical components
    Over 70 litres of storage capacity.
    left saddlebag capacity is 32.1 litres, right saddlebag capacity is 35.2 litres & all are equipped with electronic Smart Key locks.
    upper fairing features left & right small item storage compartments (0.75 litres each). Right side storage compartment is operated by the Smart Key system & houses a USB port & AUX terminal.
    mid fairing storage compartment (2.45 L)
    LED turn signals integrated into the saddlebags
    7 LCD infotainment system to further enhance the fun & enjoyment of the journey. Please note: selected functions / items may require additional equipment & subscriptions.
    intuitive design makes for easy operation
    functions include (please note some functions may require additional equipment & subscriptions); audio, navigation (GPS), communication (phone, VOX, intercom & SMS text messaging, Bluetooth), vehicle status info & various equipment controls (heated seats, etc.)
    three main home screens; audio, navigation & information including vehicle info & adjustments
    fairing mounted twin 14 cm front speakers & 26 watt amp
    audio functions include 8 possible audio sources including AM/FM radio & Sirius XM satellite raio (subscription required)
    SVC (Speed Volume Control) automatically adjusts volume to match road speed
    5-spoke, machine cut, cast aluminum mag wheels.
    front rim is MT3.50x18 fitted with a 130/70R18 tubeless, radial tire
    rear rim is MT6.00x16 fitted with a 200/55R16 tubeless, radial tire
    tubeless tire design allows for emergency road side repairs (installation of a plug)
    Super comfortable, heated, 1 piece rider & passenger seat.
    narrow seat - fuel tank junction makes it easier for the rider to touch the ground
    1 piece, heated rider & passenger seats offer 10 levels of heat settings
    Folding rider & passenger floorboards.
    roomy design with floating rubber inserts for reduced vibration
    folding design with special replaceable scrapers on lower edge of rider floorboards
    passenger floorboards can be adjusted up & down, range is 25 mm (1)
    1 handlebars & adjustable levers.
    adjustable front brake & clutch levers
    25 litre flangeless fuel tank.
    total capacity is 25 litres; reserve portion of the tank is 3.6L (low fuel light illuminates)
    no visible welds or seams for that clean, custom look
    riding range before unit goes to reserve (low fuel light) is approx. 325 kms or 200 miles
    Classic fairing mounted instrument panel.
    comprehensive instrumentation includes fairing mounted analogue speedo & tach
    digital LCD functions within speedo include: odometer, dual trip meters, gear position, average fuel economy & distance to empty
    digital LCD functions within tachometer include: fuel level indicator & low fuel warning
    Smart Key System.
    when unit senses the Smart Key is close by, the following functions can be performed without inserting the key; turning power on & off, opening fuel cap, unlocking or locking the saddlebags
    steering lock is controlled by Smart Key System
    Smart Key security feature helps prevent ride-away thefts
    self-canceling turn signals (15 seconds or 150 meters)
    4-way emergency flasher
    LED tail light / brake light
    easy grip passenger grab rails
    Low maintenance sealed battery (battery should be charged during winter storage)
    Air-cooled, OHV, 8-valves (4-valves/cyl), 48º, V-twin with EFI
    1,854 cc (113 cubic inch)
    Bore and Stroke
    100 x 118 mm
    Compression Ratio
    Maximum Torque
    17.4 kg-m (126 ft-lbs.) @ 2,500 rpm
    Engine Management
    YCC-T, D-Mode, Traction Control, Cruise Control
    Fuel Delivery
    45 mm Mikuni throttle body FI
    Dry Sump
    Ignition / Starting
    TCI / Electric
    Final Drive
    Suspension (Front)
    46 mm fork / 130 mm (5.1) wheel travel
    Suspension (Rear)
    Adjustable link Monocross / 110 mm (4.3) wheel travel
    Brakes (Front)
    Dual 298 mm discs / 4 piston calipers / ABS & UBS equipped
    Brakes (Rear)
    320 mm disc / single piston caliper / ABS & UBS equipped
    Tires (Front)
    Tires (Rear)
    2,490 mm (98)
    975 mm (38.4)
    1,275 mm (50.2)
    1,710 mm (67.3)
    Ground Clearance
    125 mm (4.9)
    Seat Height
    700 mm (27.6)
    Fuel Capacity
    25 litres (5.5 Imp. gallons)
    5 years total (1 year factory + 4 years Yamaha Protection Plus)
    Wet Weight
    397 kg (875 lb)
    Metallic Black cycle World Review.. After riding Yamahas all-new Star Venture last summer, I returned home pretty damn spoiled. The bar had been set. Two-up, long-distance touring took on new meaning. I was impressed with Yamahas attention to detail for rider and passenger, but more importantly, my better half decided that all of our future trips would need to take place on a Venture. With Yamahas announcement of the Star Eluder, I was eager to see what the stripped-down bagger sibling was all about and, more importantly, if it retained the features that make the Venture such a stellar machine. The Eluder also comes equipped with traction control and Yamahas D-Mode, which allows on-the-fly throttle-response adjustments from Sport to Tour with the push of a button (located on the right switch cluster). Very close attention was also paid to tuning the exhaust noteYamaha music engineers made spent gases a symphonic priority, which is a great example of Yamahas vision of blending emotion with function. At the heart of the motorcycle is still Yamahas 113ci (1,854cc) air-cooled V-twin powerplant that churned out 112 foot-pounds of torque at 2,560 rpm on our dyno. The beauty of Yamahas low-end torque machine is that it doesnt violently shake when rolling on the throttle in the low revs thanks to the twin counterbalancers The Eluder enters the blacked-out bagger market. Most components that are either chrome or polished on the full-dress Venture get a black powdercoat on the Eluder, which is all the rage for a bagger in the current style climate. Chrome still adorns the meter bezels, pushrod tubes, and a few other accents. The Eluders chassis is identical to the Venture and the suspension goes unchanged, which means canyon carving remains a solid selling point for this bagger. The beefy 46mm telescopic fork works harmoniously with the linkage-type rear gas-pressurized shock setup to provide effortless cornering with an overall buttery smooth ride. For storage, you wont find the Ventures cavernous touring trunk, but the spacious saddlebags still net you 67 liters of cargo capacity. Plus, the cockpit is equipped with two glove boxes up top, and one storage compartment on the lower left side, adding 4 liters of storage. If you were curious if the Ventures electronically adjustable windscreen found its way onto the Eluder, it didnt. Instead you get a chopped and fixed windscreen that is less than desirable because of severe wind buffeting at highway speeds, at least for my 5-foot-10-inch frame. And I fit into the pretty average category (just ask my wife!). I can see a taller or shorter rider escaping the abuse, but for the average Joe, get ready to be annoyed after a long ride. However, a taller windscreen option is available from Yamaha accessories ($170), which will hopefully combat this issue. The fancy, electronic, Sure-Park assist feature didnt make it from the Venture either. Sadly, the heated grips also didnt make it. Not standard, anyway, though you can also order them up as an accessory from Yamahas catalog ($280). You will find rider and passenger heated seats though, which did a great job of keeping my buns toasty on a wet and cold ride. Youll also find a great ventilation system when you want ittwo adjustable vents to direct airflow when its hot, or fully block out the elements when its cold or raining. I made sure both vents were closed and my legs and boots stayed pretty dry during a downpour along the ride. The three-position rider backrest that I liked so much on the Venture didnt make the cut on the factory Eluder. It really made a difference having some lumbar support after long hours in the saddle and, according to Yamaha, its not available as an accessory yet. One of the main selling points for both Eluder and Venture is the infotainment system. The 7-inch full-color LCD display is controlled via touchscreen, handlebar controls, or voice commandsit really is one of the best and most comprehensive infotainment packages on the market. You can easily link your Bluetooth-equipped smartphone for fielding calls or actually receiving text messages too. Listen to your local radio stations, rock out with pre-recorded music, or stream Pandora from your smartphone, thanks to the onboard USB, auxiliary stereo, or Bluetooth wireless connection options. Do yourself a favor and opt for the GT version of the Eluder ($1,500 more than the standard Eluder) since it includes navigation, SiriusXM satellite radio, and CB radio. Overall, the Star Eluder is a very capable bagger that is one of the most comfortable on the market, handles and rides extremely well, features plenty of torque to inspire confidence on the open road, and offers ample storage for a solo tourer ready to explore. The Eluders worst enemy might be its bigger siblingif youre planning on doing any long-distance riding, especially with a passenger, I say spend the extra $ for the Star Venture. Remember: happy wife, happy life, amigos.
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YAMAHA Star Eluder

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